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Mass Appeal 2001
Bringing together a diverse community through music.
Saturday, August 4
Elkhart Civic Plaza (outdoors rain or shine)

Elkhart, IN is a city rich in growth & diversity.  The unique blend of African-American, European and Hispanic  cultures create a variety of  nationalities.  In order to create a true melting pot , these separate communities must mix and mingle.  Nothing brings people together like music and food.  For this reason, Geminye Records will organize local sponsors to create Mass Appeal 2001.   

Mass Appeal 2001 is an popular music & food event, celebrating Elkhart's racial diversity and talent.  Entrance to this event is free to the public and will include non-stop, live performances by local music hopefuls, as well as appearances by artists from the Geminye Record label.  Mainstream music such as:  Soul, R &B, Latin, Pop & Hip-Hop are the chosen  formats.  DJ's will provide music to fill the gap between live performances. 

We will also provide a platform for local food vendors & small businesses.   We are seeking a diverse group of vendors to include:  Mexican,  African-American, Polish and others.  Popular fast foods are also a good blend.  There are also spots available for non-food vendors.  Music, jewelry, clothing, banking and cell phones are an example of potential vendors.  Sponsor and vendor list will be released upon completion.

This event will allow local people to display their talent and promote themselves.  Auditions will be held in late June for residents who would like to participate.   Flyers will circulate in advance announcing the exact date and location.  We would prefer original music, but will except some cover tunes.  All songs will be examined for content.  Extreme language is not acceptable.  Artists under 18 must have their parent or guardians permission. 

Geminye Records is owned by Bill Gandy, a 1 year resident of Elkhart.  For 4 years he has promoted showcases in Pittsburgh, PA, his city of birth.  Geminye Records continues to promote in Pittsburgh, but plans to add Elkhart to the agenda.  Bill Gandy has teamed up with Elkhart native Davis Anderson (Dark Scorpion Promotions) to coordinate this event.  Future plans include:  opening new markets for local talent, and providing  live music showcases for it's residents.

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