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in each of the three cities.  In the future the three will represent the East, Mid-west and South respectively.   Artists seeking to audition for the label must get in touch with the representative in your area.  How?  Visit the Geminye Records Business Office to send them e-mails directly.  This page also has links to copyrights and licensing organizations.

Davis Anderson A&R in Indiana.

Kenneth "Sarge" McKnight A&R in Georgia

Arnel Green A&R in Pittsburgh

Geminye Records began all of it's showcases in Pittsburgh.  This year we began adding Elkhart, IN as another spot to spark music activity.  In 2002 the label will be showcasing in Columbus, GA.  How is it possible to maintain and gather talent from these cities?  Each area has a representative that deals with finding new talent and sifting through new talent.  Many times they also travel between cities to bring talent to out of town showcases.  Geminye Records maintain and represent up and coming artists