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traditional Chicago jazz.  What kind of Geminye showcase is this?  Anyone who studies astrology knows that Gemini's are adaptable and fond of change.  "It was too tempting not to expand our musical horizons into rock country and Jazz after examining the variety of talent that walked into the audition for local talent held in July." says label CEO Geminye. 

In addition, Geminye records have current plans to promote Shawn Kelley as a blue-eyed soul artist and his cousin Stacie Towne as a modern country artist.  Ideas are also in the works for Pisces a new female pop/rock artist.  Geminye Records will still feature Hip-Hop and R&B as it's main source, but is excited about  producing and showcasing different styles.

It was a warm, breezy Saturday afternoon on August 4, the temperature varied between 74--79 degrees.  As the crowd begins to settle in around 5 pm, 11 year old guitarist, Mighty Nick Young rips into a electric guitar version of the star spangled banner with two women holding up the American flag in the background.  In the meantime 82 year old Big Bob McDowell warms up his reed to entertain the audience with some