Assignment  Releases

Jammin to the Beat      1987
Good to Go     1987
Foolish Girl     1989
Groove the Conversation  1989
Death of a Child    1991
Children of The World   1991

Left to Right:  Chill Bill, Fly Ty, Cookie, Lee Skee, Yvette and Marc Marcus.  This is the original band.

The band Assignment was formed in Pittsburgh, in 1986 by Bill "Chill" Gandy.  It was born out of the Pretty Boy click which from 1982-1986  performed in high school talent shows as a dance crew.   After 1986 the all male crew formed a singing group known as  The Project.    The song "Foolish Girl"  was written and  4-tracked with ex-Rude bassist Marc "Marcus" McCoy.  The Project fell apart and Bill Gandy formed the production unit known as Assignment.  The Assignment consisted members from 3 different local  bands, and included male and female counterparts.  The objectives of the unit were  to record and produce records from their own label.    They were all skilled in the art of studio production and record manufacturing.  The core unit underwent many facelifts over it's brief 4-year life span but they  produced 6 recordings, received airplay in at least 6 states,  was mentioned in BillBoard magazine twice and appeared in Right On  magazine.  Oh, they sold some records and produced some videos too.

In 1989 Pretty Boi Records released this cassette with Foolish Girl  (a smooth ballad) and Groove the Conversation (a high-energy dance cut.  The group underwent many changes over the years.  Pictured in this cassette is Bill Gandy (floor), Jennifer Cooper-Gibson, Doran and Cookie.   

Assignment appears in  "Right On" magazine.  Click the article above for a closer view.